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Updated: 21:30 on 07 December 2022 Central Time
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High: 66.6°F
@ 00:35
Low: 51.9°F
@ 21:23
Temp Change: Last Hour: -0.6°F and Falling
Today's Average Temp: 60.3°F
Heat Index (feels like): 51.9°F
  Highest Today: 66.6°F @ 00:35
Apparent Temp: 52.1°F
Dew Point: 50.5°F
Wind Chill: 51.9°F
  Lowest Today: 51.9°F @ 21:23
Current Wind/Gust, Humidity & Barometric Pressure
Wind: 0.0 mph from the NE
Gust: 1.0 mph
Today's High Wind: 3.0 mph @ 04:51
Humidity: 95%
Pressure: 30.315 in and Rising slowly
Pressure Rate: 0.004 in/hr
Rainfall Totals
Current Rain Rate: 0.00"/hr
Hourly Rain: 0.00"
Daily Rain: 0.49"
Monthly Rain: 0.73"
Yearly Rain: 55.22"

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Moon Phase:
Full Moon

Daylight Length: 10:41
There will be 0min 47s less daylight tomorrow

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